Welcome to TEA

eachers of English in Austria (TEA) is a non-profit organisation, run on a voluntary basis by professionals from various areas of English Language Teaching, which was founded in 1992. TEA has since then become a nationally and internationally acknowledged force in all matters concerning EFL and is also an IATEFL Associate. Currently TEA has approximately 600 members representing all levels and school types.

TEA organises workshops and events all over Austria and has also co-hosted international conferences (NELLE, IATEFL BESIG, IATEFL TEA-SIG, DaF). Moreover, TEA has established working relationships with Teachers’ Associations all over Europe and will be involved in several ‘across the border’ activities. And every year there is the summer school with renowned trainers from English-speaking countries. Information on all this as well as forthcoming events in Austria and abroad, downloadable worksheets and stop press information can be found on this website.

Please note: As  TEA is a voluntary organization – set up by teachers, for teachers – we aren’t in a position to promote individual’s materials/publications, assist teachers find jobs, nor help schools find teachers. We are happy to receive information about upcoming teacher events though, which can then be put on our website. For teachers from abroad seeking work, we would recommend you contact the individual language schools in Austria for information about the employment status they would offer you.

In private language schools most teachers work on a freelance basis which makes it extremely difficult for non-E.U. citizens to get the work/residents’ permit in order to be able to teach here. If you are a non-E.U. citizen we suggest you contact your embassy to see what the specific requirements are for you to work in Austria.

TEA publishes ELT NEWS, the EFL magazine, previously a joint publication with the British Council twice a year (spring and autumn). TEA provides a form for Special Interest Groups, at the moment these are kids and learners of Business English.