The Future of Extreme Teaching

Extreme Teaching is only going to grow and develop further, but my goal is to eliminate or greatly reduce the demand placed on donors.

If you know anyone who is interested in aiding in the continuation of this project, please email me at [email protected] 

To start, we will seeking qualified volunteers to teach English or Reading Remediation. Qualified candidates include those with a current teaching credential or an internationally recognized certification to teach English as a Foreign (or Second) Language. Those currently seeking certification or with a background in education will also be considered.

The next step is to establish partnerships with ESL programs that are training teachers from the United States or other Native English speaking countries. These student teachers would perform a year of service at a public school in the Philippines, where they would receive guidance and mentoring from a U.S. certified teacher (me). The university will benefit from the opportunity to offer a unique study abroad option, the student teacher will benefit from an authentic and challenging student teaching placement, and the public school will have the resources to see their students thrive. As I have already established a positive relationship with Department of Education officials, principals throughout the district, as well as community members, I am confident this would be a successful and sustainable evolution of the project.

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