Fun, Easy, Interactive and Free Online Opportunities

The British Council is working closely with the Austrian organization, Education Group, to provide new and interesting online activities for students in and outside of the English language classroom.  The Education Group says they have the biggest structured repository of learning objects and links for English language learning and teaching in Austria. The Group uses British Council English learning and teaching content, describes and relates it to the Austrian curriculum, recommends teaching/learning scenarios and makes it available on their portal for schools at

When you go here, you will find British Council material in all sections of the content tree. Beyond that Education Group provides weekly e-learning tips to English teachers of the “Neue Mittelschule” which often include British Council content, selected by the “e-pilot for English”. There may be links to the LearnEnglish site described below as well as to this one: which is a big help to teachers.  It has many sections that are valuable.  One section has specific help for CLIL teachers.
Another offers teachers the possibility to listen to seminars for teachers done by, for example, Jeremy Harmer.  Downloadable material is also available. Under the primary section, (as well as in all the others), there is more material and additional links. 

I went to the site and did the first quiz that came up:  pick your wits.  It was too tempting to NOT attempt so I tried to guess what animal was in the picture.  After I finished the game, it immediately connected me to my Facebook account to publish the results there.  It gave me the option not to publish, for which I was thankful.  Students, though, would surely enjoy the challenge of beating their schoolmates and when it automatically goes to Facebook, the other people would also be introduced to the site and might look into other aspects of the English language provided.  And there are many areas that are of interest to the general learner.  A whole separate section exists for the business learner with podcasts and articles and videos – a great resource for teachers as well as the self-learner.  I found the section about IELTS something that I could immediately forward to a student who needed to study for the test.

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