Teacher’s Day (slash month)

Teacher’s Day in the Philippines is a big deal. Food and games is a no-brainer, as no Filipino celebration is complete without them. I got to take a whack at the Filipino version of a piñata, and there was an assembly where teachers were presented with gifts from the students (mostly comprised of origami flowers, which now […]

Innovations – Teacher Talk

The title of this post is innovations. This is my disclaimer: innovation is relative. Most of the techniques I will talk about have been used for decades in quality classrooms throughout the world (including some schools here in the Philippines). I call them innovative only in that many teachers at my school have not heard of […]

Onward and Upward

I can’t believe it has already been two months since my last post! I will have to be more diligent in writing, but the last month has been especially busy, as I have begun speaking at conferences in different parts of the Philippines on the weekends. This is on top of my typical 50+ hour […]

The Future of Extreme Teaching

Extreme Teaching is only going to grow and develop further, but my goal is to eliminate or greatly reduce the demand placed on donors. If you know anyone who is interested in aiding in the continuation of this project, please email me at [email protected]  To start, we will seeking qualified volunteers to teach English or Reading Remediation. Qualified candidates […]

Urbitztondo Elementary

Urbitztondo Elementary is a small public school in San Juan, La Union, Philippines. Home to 231 students from the area, approximately 70% are from low-income families working on farms, as fishermen, or simply unemployed. Though the students at this school have excelled in gymnastics and other competitions, their academic performance continues to suffer, in part due […]

Chaos and Harmony

This past week was a lesson in patience and perseverance. One of our teachers was transferred to another school, so we had to combine our 6th grade classes into one section. My most wonderfully peaceful, rigorous, and hardworking classes have immediately transformed into a creative form of energy sapping torture. I now have 49 students […]

ELTFORUM Conference – Slovakia

Date: 10th-11th June 2020 Venue: Bratislava, Slovakia Entrance fee: 10€ ELT Forum invites you to get together with other English language teachers from all over Slovakia to discuss and share best practices, issues and solutions at its first international conference in English language teaching. The 2-day conference that is a joint event of Slovak Association of Language Schools, British […]

First Week Finished!

My first week here at Urbitztondo Elementary has been amazing. I finally managed to get all the paperwork signed, the clearance from the local government official, and I have officially been added to the school staff (unpaid!) list. I had some amazing friends help me set up my classroom! It’s far from ideal (read: no […]

Other Community Projects – The White Wall

 ~There are splashes of color where there once was white~ The White Wall Project was a collective effort between the youth of the Urbiztondo neighborhood, a group of passionate individuals, a local NGO – The Collective, and the San Fernando City Youth initiative – LINK Members of The Collective, Colleen Curran and Meghan Larson conceptualized the […]

Fun, Easy, Interactive and Free Online Opportunities

The British Council is working closely with the Austrian organization, Education Group, to provide new and interesting online activities for students in and outside of the English language classroom.  The Education Group says they have the biggest structured repository of learning objects and links for English language learning and teaching in Austria. The Group uses […]