What coursebooks used to be like: part 1

If you’re bored of the way that the coursebook you use does the present continuous (with the inevitable ‘diary’ activity for practice), why not try something different? The First Conversational Course of English by R. Douglas Gordon (Buenos Aires, 1935) follows the fortunes of the Nelson family, who take the train from Waterloo to the docks in Southampton to board the Queen Mary, the largest and fastest vessel in the world. On their arrival in New York, they check in to the Waldorf-Astoria. Wandering along Broadway, they spot a PanAm jet in the sky above, but they pay it little attention. ‘In this ‘Flying Age’ we are accustomed to see aeroplanes, flying-boats and airships.’

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Douglas Gordon 14-15Douglas Gordon 16-17Douglas Gordon 18-19

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