Dear ELT News Readers,

 You will see that we now have a different format for our journal.  We have made the decision to go online and join the community of resources available for the English teacher via the Internet.  We hope you will enjoy the new possibilities that this form brings with it.  You can print out articles separately, you can cut and paste an article when you want to use it in the classroom.  We hope, of course, that you will always make the suitable references to where you found the article and who the author is as our purpose is not to infringe on any copyright matters for our authors.

 In this new issue you will see many of the categories that have been part of our journal in the past.  So we do have an article on Teachers’ Tales under our section on Teaching Practice.  In the last few issues we have provided you with other personal views of the classroom and the experiences of various teachers and their thoughts about what classroom activities have taught them and what they would like to pass along.  We hope you enjoy these two contributions as well.  Under the section New Developments, we have another article reminding readers of the importance of drama – live drama in terms of plays students can watch or perform.  Although this is not necessarily a new development in EFL, it is certainly one that needs to be recreated and rethought about each and every year.

 For the Christmas season we have a contribution from one of our neighboring country authors, Dolores Malic.  She has given us a Christmas Taboo game which you can use in your next lesson.  And an idea for our teachers of young learners comes from Elisabeth Dokalik-Jonak who has invented a new approach to teaching children the sounds of English with her method that involves both FELPS ©and CUISENAIRE© RODS.

 We also have contributions about our 2013 Summer School from the trainers, myself and Ivan Lacko, as well as a report written by Anne Storey, and participants own “lessons learned” and poetry.  Naturally pictures of the event and the area are also included so that you may get to know more about what you might have missed.  Our 2014 Summer School is also ready to go so information on it is also included in this section.

The internet offers so many fun and funny articles that we tend to reprint them in our edition.  This issue has one about first grade students’ creative thinking about proverbs.

 We also have a number of book reviews for you so do find out if the books Global, or Business 2.0 are something that you might be able to use in your classrooms.

I hope, as always, that you enjoy the selection of material that is presented here and that should you feel you have an exciting new method or an activity that works well in the classroom, you submit your ideas for our next issue.  We look forward to seeing many contributions from our members as well as from our neighboring countries or specialists in the field; all on our new format.

 All the best,Candy2008

Candy Fresacher, ELT News Editor

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